Market Tour and Cooking Class in Mazzano

Making fresh ravioli outside on a nice summer day.

Ravioli that has just been made by hand and waiting to be cooked.

A freshly made bowl of orecchiette.

Making fresh pasta from scratch.

Clients and Chef Fabio walking through the town of MazzanoLocated a short drive away from the bustling center of Rome is the medieval village of Mazzano; an oasis of calm and beauty and the setting for this cooking class. 

You will be driven from the center of Rome to the ancient village of Mazzano Romano.  There have been traces of the existence of this village dating back to the Roman era.  Although it is only 30 minutes outside of Rome, once inside this midieval village, you will feel like you’ve entered into another world.  In Mazzano, the chef will introduce you to local merchants where you can hand-pick the freshest ingredients of the day.  The chef will then take you back to his lavish garden to pick the fresh herbs before heading inside for the cooking lesson.

The chef will teach you how to make mouth watering Italian pasta and encourage you to be creative with the ingredients of the season.  This cooking class concentrates on the techniques and skills to make fresh, seasonal Italian dishes and rather than focusing on working from a recipe, your chef will give you the confidence to create your own dishes for a typical Italian menu from antipasti to dessert.  What’s interesting about this class is that the chef always offers personal advice on each dish and of course shows you how to serve it in a rather beautiful manner as well.  After all, the eyes are the gateway to our stomachs.


Adult Price:

€ 130


Approx. – 4 Hours

(For tour and lesson)

Student Price:

€ 130

Days: Monday through Saturday
Children (12 and under):

€ 90

Entrance Fee:


Group Size:

Min: 2 adults

Max: 8

Other: – Plan on an extra 1 ½ hours after the lesson finishes to sit down, relax, and enjoy the wine and the food that you just prepared.- Drive time between Rome and Mazzano is normally about 30 minutes.-Food, wine and transportation included into price.