Market Tour and Cooking Class in Rome

Learn how to make homemade ravioli in a fried bread bowl!Clients enjoying what they just created in the kitchen moments earlier.You will learn how to make past dishes that not only look amazing but taste amazing as well!Chef Fabio deciding what vegetables will be used for the days cooking class. Looks like it is going to be something with zucchini flowers!"Students" learning to cook.

There is an archaic saying, most likely as ancient as Rome , “When in Rome , do as the Romans do.”

This is the basis from which this cooking class is based on.  Before the cooking lesson starts, the chef will take you on a walking tour of Rome’s food shops ending up at one of Rome’s most famous outdoor food markets: the Campo de’ Fiori.  Discover the gastronomic delights of Rome on this unique food walking tour and pasta making course that promises not just a culinary but also a cultural experience.

The chef will then invite you into his personal home located at the top of  the Spanish Steps.  His home, previously owned by a princess, offers a warm environment with breathtaking views.  The aim of the course is to give you the techniques needed to cook different pasta dishes as well as one meat dish (vegetarians can be catered for) that will give you the skills to make and cook delicious fresh pasta to impress your friends back home.

You will tantalize your taste buds with the fresh ingredients you picked out and prepared with Fabio.  The chef has a passion for cooking that you too, will walk away with!



Adult Price:

€ 110


Approx. – 4 Hours

(For tour and lesson)

Student Price:

€ 110

Days: Monday through Saturday
Children (12 and under):

€ 80

Entrance Fee:


Group Size:

Min: 2 adults

Max: 8


-Plan on an extra 1 ½ hours after the lesson finishes to sit down, relax, and enjoy the wine and the food that you just prepared.

-Wine and food is included in the price.