Market Tours & Food Tastings

Porchetta is an amazing pork dish with the best examples coming from just outside of Rome in the Castelli Romani.

Prosciutto legs hanging from the ceiling.

A mixed selection of Bruscetta. Each topped with a different type of pate.

An amazing selection of different types of Italian cheeses.

A basket of different types of Italian bread.

Italy is well known in the world for its attention, commitment and passion for food. 

The concept of free range, organic, locally-grown, zero KM, and farm to table are all the major buzz words being thrown around in many countries when talking about the quality and freshness of food.  But here in Italy these are not new concepts or new ways of life, instead it is just the way things are.  These are normal practices and concepts that have always been associated with food in Italy.

In many countries of the world it is not uncommon to go to the supermarket once every 7 to 10 days or so and stock up on what you need.  In that 7 to 10 day span, possibly only setting foot in the supermarket to pick up a fresh carton of milk, or some eggs, or maybe a loaf of bread.  Not the same here in Italy.  Here people go to the market every day or every other day, picking up only what they need for that evening and the following.  Here it is all about the freshest of fresh.

Market Tours:  Let one of our culinary experts lead you around Rome through open air markets and specialty food shops.  You will mix and mingle with locals getting their daily supplies.  You will discover the variety and quality of local produce, cheese, bread, meats, etc.  Learn how to shop like a native!

Food Tastings & Tours:  If you have a passion for a specific item or just want to learn more about it, our food tours and tastings are for you.  We can dedicate an entire food tasting to Italian olive oil, Italian craft beer, balsamic vinegar, etc.  We can dedicate an food tour to gelato, the food of the Jewish Ghetto, Italian bakeries, etc.  The possibilities are endless.