Semi-Private Group Tours


What is a semi-private group tour?

It is somewhere in between a private tour and a group tour. If you don’t want to be herded around Rome in a 40+ person group tour like cattle and if you prefer a more economical option than a private tour, our semi-private group tours are just for you.

When you take one of our semi-private group tours of Rome, you are guaranteed a small intimate group setting. All of these tours have a maximum limit of 8 people, with an average size of only 4 – 6 people!


Pouring some Italian red wine for a tasting.Wine Tour
The Synagogue in the Jewish Ghetto at sunset.Off the Beaten Path Tour Individual burial plots at the Catacombs of Saint Sebastian.Underground Rome Tour Close up of street light and the statue of Oceanus at the Trevi Fountain.Rome at Sunset Tour
Probably the most famous statue of the entire Vatican Museum: the Laocoon.Vatican Museum Tour A view of St. Peter's Square and Basilica.Vatican City Tour A beautiful springtime shot of the Colosseum with the surrounding flowers in full bloom.Ancient City Tour