Off the Beaten Path Tour

The Statue of Giordano Bruno in the center of Campo de' Fiori.

The Synagogue in the Jewish Ghetto.

The fountain in the center of Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere. The square gets its name from the church seen in the background of the photo.

View of the Tiber Island.

A view of the ruins of Largo Argentina. Next to the true location of Caeser's murder!Experience the local side of Rome! 

Escape the crowded and hectic tourist scene and let us show you a side of Rome that most tourists never get to experience.  Starting at the true site of Julius Caesar’s assassination, we will walk across picturesque piazzas, through the virtual labyrinth of the Jewish Ghetto, and over a 2,000 year old bridge onto the Tiber Island.  We end the tour in the quaint and lively section of Rome known as Trastevere.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

Have you been to Rome before?  Do you have that “been here, done that” feeling?  Well then this is the tour for you!  Let us show you sites that most tourists only ever see when they get lost looking for their top 10 attractions.

Is this your first time to Rome?  Are you one of those people that feel it is important to experience a new place from the perspective of a local to get a true feeling of the city?  Then this is the tour for you!  Join us as we steer clear of all the major tourists sites and walk through real neighborhoods.

Highlights: The ruins of Largo di Torre Argentina, Campo di Fiori, Piazza Farnese, Palazzo Farnese, Via Giulia, Michelangelo’s Bridge, Palazzo Spada, Jewish Ghetto, Rome’s Synagogue, Portico d’Ottavia, Theater of Marcellus, Tiber Island, Ponte Rotto, Trastevere, and Santa Maria in Trastevere.



Adult Price:

€ 55


Approx. – 2.5 Hours

Student Price:

€ 45

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday evenings
Children (12 and under):


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Group Size:

Min: 2 adults

Max: 8 adults/students

Average: 4 – 6




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