Underground Rome Tour

The Alter of Mithras located in the Mithraeum about 35 feet below the Basilica of San Clemente.

The tomb of Santa Ceclia in the Catacombs of St. Callixtus.

The interior of the Basilica of San Clemente.

Individual burial plots at the Catacombs of Saint Sebastian.

A golden mosaic depicting the Tree of Life in the main apse of the 12th century basilica of San Clemente.There is a little bit of Indiana Jones in all of us!  Come explore subterranean Rome with us and unleash your inner Indiana! 

At the start of the tour you will board an air-conditioned shuttle and head outside of the ancient city walls of Rome to the Catacombs, where we will explore the ancient underground world built by the early Christians to bury their dead.  Upon emerging back into the modern world, we will drive back into the center to visit one of the most overlooked, but yet most amazing sites the city has: The Church of San Clemente.

After visiting the “new” church which is 900 years old, we will take you below ground to the original church that was built in the 4th century AD.  And if that wasn’t enough, we will then head even further underground to the pagan and public ruins of the 1st century AD that are located some 30+ feet underground!  This is the one true site in Rome that fully explains the layers of history of the Eternal City!

Highlights: The Basilica of San Clemente, Mithraic Temple, Christian Catacombs, and the Appia Antica (Ancient Appian Way).



Adult Price:

€ 80


Approx. – 3 Hours

Student Price:

€ 70

Days: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday afternoons
Children (12 and under):

€ 20

Entrance Fee (not included):

Adults – € 13

Students – € 8.50

Group Size:

Min: 3 adults/students

Max: 8 adults/students

Average: 4 – 6


Transportation is included during the tour


Semi-Private Group Tours: