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I spent 2 months recently staying outside Rome but served as “tour guide” for visiting friends and relatives. Was in over my head when an aunt and uncle, experienced travellers, visited and had specific interests and goals. A friend, who works at the US Embassy, suggested I use a professional tour guide and recommended Tony at 3 Millennia Tours. I could not have been happier, and used Tony twice; for the forum/ surrounding sites/popular landmarks, and then for a St Peter’s/Basilica/museum tour. In the planning stage, Tony was endlessly helpful with suggestions on how best to use our time, and infinitely patient as I tweaked the schedule up to the last minute. He also proved flexible the day of the tours, making adjustments and added in special side stops as comments were exchanged and he gained further insights into the interests of my guests. On the day we visited StPeters, he hired an expert to accompany us, and she was worth every penny. She brought the whole experience to life with stories on individual works of art, adding background histories of the buildings and occupants throughout the centuries. To tour historical sites, Tony used a golf cart to beatle around Rome’s busy streets, getting us in close, quickly, from site to site. Tony, and his crew of specialists, are all accredited guides, unstumpable, and delightful company. To elevate your visit to Rome to a remarkable and memorable level, use 3 Millennia Tours! You won’t regret ut!

Richard D. – January 2017



Hi again! We are traveling to Italy again! This time we will be in Venice, Florence, Milan, and Tuscany. We loved the tours with you in Rome and wondered what might be available for these destinations!


Tammie Woomer-Gray – April 2017



Yes. We had a wonderful time at the Vatican and Luigi treated us very well. We appreciate all you went through to get us into the Vatican museum. You were right in how crazy the lines and crowds are, but Luigi seemed to navigate us along with ease. We are looking forward to our Pompeii trip today.


Great times yesterday at Ancient City and Vatican. We were pretty tired from all the walking by end of day, so definitely a good feeling that we were able to see much.


Thank you for the most memorable time of our trip in Tuscany. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Marlou Fish – April 2017



Hello Tony,

I wanted to reach out to you sooner but we have been going from dusk till dawn and I haven’t had a chance. Patrick and Emanuel were outstanding – both of them. Thank you very much for arranging those two days with such excellent guides! I now realize how last minute we were and that we were fortunate to have anyone at that point.


I really appreciate you getting me guides and into these places on short notice. I will also recommend you to others I know visiting Italy.

Joe Mayer – June 2017




Thanks for making this a trip to remember. I have never experienced someone like you. Smart, fun, who put up with a Midwestern, deaf country boy. You are an outstanding person. We are so glad we met you.

Ben & Alisa



We LOVED our Ancient Rome tour with Mino! He does a fantastic job sharing his passion. Thanks to you and to him for the experience.

Jan Gita Keshen



3 Millennia Tours – we had a wonderful tour of the Colosseum and Forum with Tony. My whole family, with kids ranging from 12 to 22, loved the tour and learned so much. We will definitely use 3 Millennia Tours again if we are lucky enough to make it back to Rome.

Posted by Jeanne on pinterest.ie




Just a quick note to let you know that Barbara was extraordinary on Saturday evening for the wine tasting. The perfect blend of culture, history, and wine expertise. The group loved it!

Yesterday, the weather did not cooperate for the Colosseum and Forum tour, but Jeb and Carol pushed on! 🙂 The feedback from both groups was that they truly enjoyed the experience.

Look forward to working with you again soon!

Very Respectfully,

Michael D.
US Embassy Rome
February 2018



These are testimonials from 2017 and 2018. If you would like to read testimonials from other years, please click on the appropriate year:

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