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Just got back to the UK on Saturday – we stopped off again in Paris for a couple of days.

Anyway, just a note to say Rome was great.  An absolute wonder for us.  Your tours were great and helped us get even more out of the experience.  The two guys did us proud, with a depth of knowledge that washed over us.  If I retain half of it, that will do me for the moment (I have some books to read!).

The organization was first class – there on time to meet us, and shuttled around in comfort.

If we’re back (and we certainly hope to be after whetting our appetite) I’ll be in touch for some more.

Brian Copland – November 2006



“Mike was a great tour guide – he took a moment to get to know our names, ask about us, and to tell us a bit about him. He asked what we really wanted to see and he assured us that we would see all of the items we suggested.”

“This tour was amazing! Rome takes on such an interesting personality at night and Mike really introduced us to it. He was approachable, modifying the tour based upon what we wanted to see.”

“Tony did a wonderful job of bringing the place to life for us. He was entertaining and did everything he could to make sure that we enjoyed our walk – I highly recommend this tour.”

As quoted from Jerry DeQuetteville’s trip report from October 2006 on www.SlowTrav.com.  To read the full trip report:






“We get caught up in Tony’s enthusiasm as he separates fact from fiction and answers all our questions, all while we and three others are chauffeured around Rome in a Mercedes minivan.”

As quoted from Bob Patey’s trip report from October 2006 on www.SlowTrav.com.  To read the full trip report:




“These two tours were real highlights of our trip.”

“Tony’s tour made us feel as though we were moving back in time – or perhaps it’s more accurate to say he led on a slow descent through layers of Roman history.”

“The close-ups of the frescoes and Tony’s professional commentary were more helpful than the audio guides I’ve used in the past.”

As quoted from Sandra Cordon’s trip report on www.SlowTrav.com from September 2006.  To read the full trip report:






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July 2006



Just returned to the states from our Italy trip. Such a great time…..including pizza at dar poeta!……….and wanted to thank you for arranging our tour with Christina….it far exceeded our expectations and was a topic of conversation the entire trip….she is really good as you must know….you provide a fine service and we will spread the word as best we can.

Thanks again and kind regards,

Guy Buechler May 2006



We had a delightful and highly informative day with Christina.  She’s a total pro and  a wonderful lady.  Please say thanks to her again for us, and thanks for setting the day up.   We arrived back home today after Rome, a few days in Annecy (Fr.) and about 4 days in Barcelona, three of our favorite cities.  We agreed over dinner tonight that our afternoon/early evening with Christina was one of the great highlights of the trip.  Thanks!

Jack MacKay May 2006



We are finally back home in Oregon.  Our second group enjoyed Evan even more….what a great job he did.  Thank you for helping us get those tours set up.  We will definitely be in touch with you when we do our next Italy tour.

G. Johnson – May 2006



I feel as though I need to thank you yet again for your wonderful guidance and companionship during our Study Tour (TWU) in Rome. You and all of your guides were simply amazing. Your knowledge, senses of humor and personalities just made the experience one none of us should soon forget. My wife Lori and I were in Sandra’s group for the walking tour, and Daphne led us through the Vatican and St Peter’s. Both of these young women were extremely knowledgeable and knew how to keep the group interested.

Your personal guidance through Tuscany was just amazing. Your thorough knowledge of the area and the towns and entire region was simply remarkable.  It was truly a delight spending time with you in Montalcino and Montepulciano and talking with you.

I do hope that we will be able to return to Italy again and experience some of the private packages that you were telling us about.

Best of luck to you, and please tell your people there that we said hello.


Robert Marteny & Lori Markham – April 2006



This is a short e-mail to again say “THANK YOU” for the wonderful tours – Ancient City and Vatican. We’d been to Italy in 1998 and self toured these places, however, your in depth knowledge and great story telling skills brought them to life for the four of us. The Vatican tour is a favorite for Jeanne and Teresa.

Jannalee Muise – April 2006

“I fancy myself a history buff, but I learned a lot that day touring with Tony. He is knowledgeable and charming with a good sense of humor. We four highly recommend Three Millennia. He really brought the sites to life for us.”

“Tony did an excellent job touring St. Peter’s Basilica succeeding in leaving us in greater awe of the place than our first visit here a few days ago.”

“we highly recommend Tony and Three Millennia!”

 As quoted from the trip report by JMuise on www.SlowTrav.com from March of 2006.  Read the full report here:






Just wanted to say thank you for the wine tour.  Daphne was a superb guide and we had a great time.  We certainly learnt more about wine and how to enjoy it.  Please pass our thanks to Daphne.

Best regards

Andy & Kay – March 2006



I wish to take a moment to tell you how much we enjoyed our tour of St. Peter’s and the Vatican Museum / Sistine Chapel, on January 14.  What a tour!  We would have walked by things and marveled at the beauty, but this was so much more impressive (comparison: I saw the Pieta at the New York World’s Fair in 64.  40 seconds on a moving walk way.  It was beautiful.  But now I appreciate the work and the artist so much more).

Ryan was great.  We were very impressed.  Ryan’s main focus was the people on the tour.  He answered questions and made the adventure rewarding and enjoyable for us.  When we looked at the ceiling, we know we would have been impressed anyway, but now we were looking at each panel, noting the difference in style, seeing the use of perspective with Jonah, and having a sense of what the Master went through.  I never knew what a fresco was.  Now I can explain it to others.

This was certainly one of the highpoints of the trip.  We all felt lucky that we hooked up with it.  We’ve all been on tours to different places.  Ryan stands out as one of the best, if not the best, guide we’ve experienced.

If we have an opportunity to visit Rome again, we will first seek your company out.

Very best regards,

Don Moore – January 2006



These are testimonials from 2006. If you would like to read testimonials from other years, please click on the appropriate year:

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