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I want to thank you so much for all you did for us.  Thank Flaminia also…we enjoyed meeting her and getting to know her.  Our vacation was top notch and Karen and I would like to return with husbands in tow maybe next year.  We’ll keep in touch and let you know when we are ready.

Norma Spector – October 2009



We’re home finally, and just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our ancient Rome tour with John.  He was great!

M. Lawlor – October 2009



I really enjoyed my morning tour of the Baths of Caracalla and the Palatine with Suzi. The Baths especially were brought to life. I overheard a few large ‘cattle tours’ later in the day and I was so grateful to have had personal attention from such an enthusiastic and intelligent guide.

Thank you both very much.


M. McDuff – October 2009



Returned home from Rome last night and wanted to pass along some feedback on the guides you selected for our tours this past weekend.  Tiziana was a really fabulous hostess on Friday and led a great tour of the Roman Forum area – my friends thoroughly enjoyed it and thought very highly of her, which says a lot since a couple of the guides we had in Turkey were good but certainly not impressive.  FYI: one of the friends who joined us is the Canadian COO of Maritz who do a lot of high end incentive travel programs, so has some high standards.   They also had a great tour with Olga on Saturday at the Vatican Museum and were glad they went with the VIP tour.

So special thanks to you for selecting both Tiziana and Olga to do the tours.  I’m sure you’ll be getting some more referrals down the line.

Take care,

Jeanette Jones – September 2009



“For Saturday, we had prearranged a tour with 3 Millennia Tours (we’ve used them on previous trips to Rome) to go to the Catacombs of Priscilla , Villa Hadrian, and Villa d’Este. If you’ve seen all the sights of Rome itself, these are good locations a little farther afield to visit. The catacombs contain some well preserved artwork, including the oldest known image of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Hadrian’s Villa is a much more extensive property than I had imagined – something like 250 acres. Most of the statuary and artwork once displayed there has long since been plundered – er – recycled. The gardens and fountains at Villa d’Este were spectacular. Tour guide Allison was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We had a nice lunch al fresco in Tivoli. Back in Rome, we had an enjoyable dinner at Nino’s Restaurant, recommended by Allison.”

As quoted by illini76 in September 2009 on CruiseCritic.com



Tony was well-organized, very knowledgeable, congenial and considerate. We appreciated having him guide us and feel like we had an excellent introduction to Rome, an incredible place, as you promised.

Carol D. – August 2009



Also, we thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Tony!  My daughter has never showed an interest in art and she was so taken with the Sistine Chapel that she actually bought a book!   Tony was very knowledgeable and we loved looking through the keyhole by the Egyptian Embassy – what a treat that was!  We actually got a great picture through there!   Time went by so fast.  We could have spent days with him!  I expect at some point we will return to see the wine country with him.

Marie B. – July 2009



Well, My wife, my daughter and I are back home here in Massachusetts, U.S.A.  We had a wonderful 15 days in Italy, and we wish to send this brief note to thank you for helping to make our stay as fantastic as it was!  Your help, knowledge, and your enthusiastic hospitality helped to make our trip the most memorable one of our lives.  Please be sure to tell John that we thoroughly enjoyed the winery/eatery that he brought us to, and that the people there, from the owner to the very sweet waitress that we had could not have been any nicer to us!   We plan to return (in 2 – 3 years), and we also plan to share our wonderful experience with friends and family, and we will be sure to mention you as a reason for our trip being such a success!

Again, thank you.


~ John Napolitano – July 2009



Also, just wanted to let you know Tony was FABULOUS!! Probably the best tour I have ever had in Rome! Please pass on to him what a wonderful job he did and how much my mom and I enjoyed it!

Many thanks,

Mary Jane E. – July 2009



We really enjoyed our tour with you; Charlotte is still talking about the Michelangelo stories you told us.  And . . . we enjoyed several of your restaurant recommendations and a day trip to Santa Marinella which was lovely and a perfect day of R&R in the middle of the trip.


E. Markman – July 2009



I wanted to let you know that all of your guides did a fantastic job on our tours. We had a great time.


A. Morrow – May 2009



We just ret’d from our trip on Saturday & I felt compelled to tell you how informative & gracious Anthony was.  Getting into the Sistine Chapel with only 2 or 3 small groups such as ours, was the experience of a lifetime.   The information & background he provided was priceless.  He answered all our questions unfailingly & we felt we were in very capable, knowledgeable hands.  We will certainly recommend your company to any and all our friends who plan to travel to Rome.

Thank You,

Tom Murray – May 2009



Thank you so much for having us again.  We really enjoyed the tours you gave.  Matthew and Kenzie love you! They look forward to seeing you again in a couple years. Mark and I including.

Mark & Lou Thomas – April 2009



Tony was great, and we had a wonderful experience at the Vatican. He made it a learning experience for me.

My family that was resistant to having a guide intrude on our family experience, are now stating that that was the best day of our trip, and are now regretting that they talked me out of having at least another afternoon.

One of my daughters was actually not really having that great a time, and Tony’s guiding us around the Vatican was not only the best part of the trip for her- it was the only part she truly enjoyed.

Thank You again.

Steve P. – April 2009



Wow.  That’s all I can say to you about our trip.  I could list all the things that amazed me but most of all it was how well you made me look. I thank you so much for all the hard work and especially the attention to even the tiniest details that set this group apart from any of the others they had taken.

I was on Paula’s bus and we all fell in love with her.  I think because we sat in the front with her we had a little better rapport but everyone on our bus was very very happy. But I told both Tyson and Olga that all the people on their respective buses felt they had the best guide.  I wanted them to know that because it was very important to me for everyone to feel they got the best.  How you managed to please 147 people, I’ll never know. And how you have been able to get the best of the best on your team is amazing.

Best regards to you and the gang there…

Nancy Mize

Holiday Travel Company

March 2009



These are testimonials from 2009. If you would like to read testimonials from other years, please click on the appropriate year:

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