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Thanks Tony.

The pizza course was fabulous! Monica was great! Best pizza!!

Thank you

M. Stallman – January 2014



I really like Tony Polzer with Three Millennia Tours. He will customize for you. Ask for his ideas. He is very forthcoming.


As to Colosseo and Forum, try Tony Polzer at ThreeMillennia.com. He did a terrific job for our son and a colleague of mine (at the Embassy). You can join a standard tour or have him put together a private one for you.


I can also recommend Tony Polzer. He has a company Three Millenia Tours but he might work out something for you or have ideas. I trust him enormously as he has done a great job for us and for others we’ve referred.

Posted by Laurel on ricksteves.com – January 2014




What a wonderful guide Fiamma was. Though, we have been to the Vatican Museum before, this time with detail, more historical detail and context, and an easy pace, was the best. We are very glad we did it thus.

Driver was there at 9, or before, and had us to the airport in plenty of time. Nice guys both to and fro.

Thanks for your help and tips.

Jim LoGiudice – February 2014



I had a wonderful tour with Tony, the owner of 3 Millennia tours.

Very good tour guide, full of knowledge, an American who has spent years tour-guiding in Rome. I understand from good friends that the other guides he employs are also knowledgeable. If you talk to Tony, tell him Robert says hi.

As seen on Fodors.com – March 2014



Hi Tony,

Rob and I had a great tour this sunset, so thank you so much!! Many thanks!

Lucy Hibbert – April 2014



My friends I sent your way last month had a fabulous time with you and your guide!

Barb Peterson – May 2014



Hi Tony,

Thank you again for your wonderful tour in Rome – best tour we’ve been on! I am in Europe until July 17 but will post on all my boards (slow Trav.com, Tripadvisor & my blog) when I get Home. We really enjoyed Rome

thx again, Cindi, Katie,& Brandon

Ps. Definitely will plan to go on more of Your tours in 2016. Esp wine tours!!!

June 2014



The food chef and market tour was fabulous and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Meeghan M. – July 2014



Pizza class was fabulous!! Really enjoyed it and Tony and Pietro were great. Such a wonderful end to our vacation. Thank you so much!

August 2014



Hi Tony,

The Cook’s tour was fantastic! Exceeded expectations. Federico is a wonderful teacher and also a lot of fun. Great recommendation.

We leave for Tuscany tomorrow morning. Thanks so much for all the help and guidance. Everything you set up for us was better than expected. We appreciated the follow up throughout our time in Rome.

Take care. Hope our paths cross again someday,

Margo and Leon Smith – September 2014



Dear Tony,

Thank you again for the wonderful time this group had. You made them all feel special; all the girls fell in love with you; and all the ladies thought you were a gentleman…and all the guys thought you were pretty cool. Oh, yeah…and they liked Rome, too. What more can you ask for?

Nancy Mize
Holiday Travel Agency
October 2014



My family has used 3 Millennia Tours //threemillennia.com/ on three separate occasions over the past 4 years and they have been fantastic. Tony (owner) will take excellent care of you. You may be paired with a couple of other people, but the tour groups are always small – the biggest we have had was 6 people. That is the key really – small groups. I have seen lots of bigger groups (like 30 or even more) go through and they all look miserable – many of the spaces are too small to get everyone in, and the only ones who can hear and see the guide are the 3 or 4 people at the front of the group. Headsets help a little bit, but you still cant see anything. You would find yourself trying to see the item afterwards as the group trails away then you miss the next thing. Headsets are terribly impersonal anyway. With a small group, the guide will personalize the tour to what you are interested in, because you cant see it all in one day anyway – you don’t have time and you don’t have the energy/attention span to do that. I am generally an anti-tour-group tourist – we always design our own European travels anyway and go it completely on our own – but the Vatican is one of the few exceptions where you have to have a guide. Even if you only use it to skip the 3hour line.

Posted by Ed on ricksteves.com – December 2014



These are testimonials from 2014. If you would like to read testimonials from other years, please click on the appropriate year:

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