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Second tour we have done with 3 Millennia, this time to Coliseum and Forum. My sister was an archaeology major and she loved all the fascinating details Tony provided! My two children were also amazed at the history and stories they learned. Prior to this tour, my son said he thought all he had seen “was a pile of rocks!”…never heard Forum described that way & now he understands what the Forum was! Tony was awesome – great at communication, tour was best we have had & recommended to others!

Cindi & Patti – January 2016



Yes we are back home after a wonderful trip!

I just wanted to say thank you very much for sorting our Ancient Rome and Vatican Museum tours. Luna was the most wonderful tour guide and our whole group really loved both mornings we spent with her!

Many thanks again

Ruth Stanley – March 2016



Hi Tony,

The tour was great, the guide was very knowledgeable and interesting. I will definitely recommend to my friends.


Anat Peled Ginsbourg – April 2016



Hi Tony,

I just wanted to let you know that we very much enjoyed the Vatican tour, Rosi was indeed excellent.

Thank you,

Ellie K. – April 2016



Carol was a fantastic guide, thanks for getting us all set up! We really enjoyed the tour and she was just lovely with the kids, and the rain held off!

Thank you!

Elizabeth R.
US Embassy Rome
May 2016



Hey Tony,

Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to thank you for an incredible tour arranged with Enzo for the Vatican last week. We absolutely LOVED it and Enzo was fantastic. We also enjoyed our dinner at Pierluigi..thanks for setting that up! Hopefully our paths may cross in the future.


Here is a testimonial to add to your page:

During our brief stay in Rome, we were able to do a 4 hour walking tour of Vatican City. Tony was great to work with in making all of our arrangements prior to arrival (even a dinner reservation for my husband’s birthday!). Our tour through Vatican City with Enzo was absolutely incredible. In addition to the 2 of us, a family of 5 joined our tour – Enzo kept us engaged the entire time as we weaved our way through the Vatican. The skip-the-line entry fee saved us quite a bit of time (highly recommend doing this for everyone!). One of the things we loved the most about our tour was that Enzo spent enough time at each “site” for us to be able to enjoy each of them but not long enough that we’d get bored (there are only but so many statues and paintings that can be seen without them starting to look the same!).

We will hopefully be back to to another tour with 3 Millenia!

All the best,
Leigh Wallace – June 2016



Hi Tony, thank you again for a fantastic tour ! It was amazing. You know your stuff.


Bill T. – August 2016




Wanted to thank you and the team, specifically Carlo for setting up such an amazing experience. The members were very very happy and Member McCarthy and his wife had very nice things to say about Carlo and regretted that he was not the tour guide for the Vatican portion of the trip. The evening tour was the highlight of their trip.

What a memorable experience. Carlo was so good at explaining everything and very patient with the members.

Thank you for your patience with all the changes and the back and forth! I appreciate the service.
Until the next CODEL!

Best Regards,

Brigid O.
U.S. Embassy Rome
September 2016



Hi Tony,

I just had lunch with Pauline Taaffe and she couldn’t quit talking about their tour with you. She went on and on about how interesting you were and how much you know!! I’m so glad that worked out.

Thanks again for taking good care of my buddies.

Warm Regards,

Linda Yoder – September 2016



Got a nice note from Lindsay Hooper….very complimentary about the tours. Jim:

back from Italy. Your guys were terrific. The Vatican was an unbelievable mass of people but we survived and were able to enjoy the full experience. Tony did the Colosseum and Forum tour which was terrific. My wife and I were set up with a private tour of the Vatican library which was absolutely amazing. Anyhow the whole trip was terrific – Rome and the Amalfi coast. Thanks for your help. Lindsay

Jim Zurer of Zurer Travel
October 2016



These are testimonials from 2016. If you would like to read testimonials from other years, please click on the appropriate year:

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