Trip Planning Services

Two gondolas moored in a canal in Venice.The Abbey of Sant Antimo near the town of Montalcino.The Fortress of Montalcino, protecting the city that is famous for one of the greatest wines of the country: Brunello di Montalcino.The ruins of the city of Pompeii with Mount Vesuvius in the background.

A beautiful city wide shot of Florence as the sun sets. The Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio take center stage!A vacation can be a large financial investment.  As with any large investment, proper research and time is needed to ensure that you are making the right choices and that your investment pays off.  Unfortunately most people do not have the time in their busy lives to fully research their vacation options.  Let us eliminate the research and time consuming aspects for you.  Take advantage of our experience and knowledge and allow us to find the options and choices that are best for your individual needs, interests and budget.

Our services cost but a fraction of your overall trip costs but they ensure a successful trip that will be remembered for all the right reasons; making your trip enjoyable and worry free!  We can handle all, or any part, of your itinerary in country.  We can offer you options that are often unique with fabulous experiences and extras that are sure to make the difference.  Our clients needs are of the utmost importance to us.  As a result, a high percentage of our business is from our satisfied customers who refer us to their friends and family members.  Ensure yourself a trip of a lifetime and contact us for a planned itinerary that will meet your needs.


Here you will find just some of the many things that we can help you with:

  • Lodging – We can find the best bed for your head.  A quaint little B&B, a large penthouse apartment, hotels at all star levels, a small flat in the center, or a luxurious villa with a pool in the countryside.  It all depends on your budget, the number of people in your group, and what is best suited to you and any other needs you might have.
  • Transportation – If you are not sure what is the best method to get from A to B, let us help.  We know all of the options and can advise what is best for you based on your needs and budget.  Is it a flight between Rome and Palermo?  Maybe a train between Florence and Venice?  Maybe a private speedboat to get you to the Isle of Capri?  Is a rental car best suited for you so you can better explore the countryside on your own?  Or maybe you just want to sit back and relax and have a driver and vehicle at your disposal to transfer you to where you need to get to?  Let us help you to find the best option for your needs and budget.
  • Restaurants – If you don’t want to stumble into a tourist trap and you want to eat where locals eat, let us help you with your restaurant reservations.  We can make recommendations or make reservations for you.  It doesn’t matter whether you prefer just a sandwich or you are a foodie seeking out a regional specialty.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer a hole in the wall trattoria where a few coins can pay for your lunch or you prefer to drop a few hundred on a Michelin starred restaurant.  If food is important to you, let us help.
  • Airport Transfers and Limo Services – If you need to get from the airport into the center or straight into the countryside, we can help.  Our drivers service most major airports and get you where you need to be quickly and safely.
  • Venice Escorted Transfers – Venice is a very unique place.  If you are either flying into Venice or taking the train into Venice, you might be a little nervous about how to get from your arrival point to your hotel while navigating through the labyrinth of streets that are actually waterways.  Have no fear, we can have someone meet you directly at the train station or airport, take you to a waiting water taxi and then walk you right to the check in desk.  It couldn’t be more simple and hassle free!
  • Tours – Historic tours.  Wine Tours.  Food Tours.  Shopping tours.  Whatever type of tour you need, let us set it up for you.  We can arrange a wine tour of Tuscany to taste some Brunello or instead a wine tour of the Veneto to taste some Amarone.  If you like history, architecture, or art we can arrange to have someone show you around the ruins of Pompeii or the Renaissance buildings of Florence.  If shopping is your thing, we can set you up with someone to take you to all the major designers or, if you prefer, to small independent boutiques and designers.  If you are a foodie and want to experience Italian markets and specialty food stores let us make that a reality for you.   As you can see, we can arrange the perfect tours for all of your needs.
  • Cooking Classes – If you want to learn the Italian art of cooking, we can set you up with a private or group cooking class depending on your location and budget and desired class length.  Most cooking classes are but a few hours long.  However, if you want some thing more in depth we can easily arrange a multi-day cooking class for you.  A lot of cooking classes also welcome children and what fun they have!  Kids especially love to learn how to make pizza!
  • Winery Visits – We can arrange group and private visits to wineries throughout the country.  At some places we can not only arrange for you to visit the winery, but also eat there as well.  What an experience it is to have lunch at an amazing winery in the Italian countryside!


Why should you have us plan your next Italy vacation?

  • You are consulting with a local expert in country who has insider recommendations.  Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise!
  • We save you time and money!
  • We will find you the best rates possible!
  • We offer hassle free trip planning and a hassle free vacation!
  • We do the work for you!
  • Our trip planning services are customized to your individual needs, interests, and budget.  Whether that budget is 250 Euros a day or 4,000 Euros a day, we are here to make that trip as great as possible.



Please contact us for a quote for your next vacation.