Large oak barrels aging Primitivo at Attanasio winery in Puglia.

Harvest time just outside of Santo Stefano Belbo near Cuneo in Piemonte (Piedmont).

Nebbiolo soon destined to become either Barbaresco or Barolo.

Bottles aging at Ca' Rugate Winery in the Veneto.

Some old and rare vintages stored in a cellar in Florence.We here at 3 Millennia love wine and are actively involved in the wine industry here in Italy.  If you love wine or are just simply interested in learning more about it, we have options that are suited to you.


Private Wine Tours

Explore the magic of the Italian countryside.  Let us take you to some of our favorite vineyards throughout the country.  Want to meet the owners?  Not a problem!  Visit medieval walled hill towns.  Stop at rustic farms to sample their cheeses.  Do you have a passion for Brunello?  How about visiting a wine shop that has over 100 Brunelli available to taste and try.  You will feel like a kid in a candy store!

Are you not spending any time in the countryside on your trip?  Only going to be in one of the major destinations such as Venice, Florence, or Rome?  Not a problem!  We can set up a day trip to the countryside for you!  Don’t want to lose one of your only days in one of these cities to explore wine country?  Once again, not a problem!  Use a travel day instead.  For example, instead of taking the train between Rome and Florence, let us pick you up in the morning in your departure city and we will travel through wine country and then drop you off in the evening at your destination city.  Why not make the most out of your travel day!!!

Contact us to design the perfect private wine tour experience for you!



Group & Private Wine Tastings

For more information regarding our group wine tastings in Rome, see our semi-private group wine experience: Wine Tour

Regarding private wine tastings, we regularly host wine tastings in Rome and can also set up wine tastings throughout the country.  Each wine tasting is catered to your level of wine knowledge and budget.  Do you prefer to taste the diversity of what Italy has to offer, by trying some sparkling wine, a few whites, followed by a few reds each coming from different areas of the country?  Or maybe you prefer an in depth look at a particular region or grape?  Such as tasting the great reds of Piedmont or experiencing the variety that sangiovese has to offer in Tuscany: Morrelino, Brunello, Vino Nobile, and Chianti.


Private Wine Dinners

Wine dinners operate in a very similar manner to our private wine tastings, but usually last a little longer.  During these, in addition to trying great wines of Italy, each wine will be paired with a different plate of food.  This is a true enogastronomic experience!


Wine Buying

Need to add a few extra bottles to your wine fridge or cellar?  Let us help.  We have contacts with wineries and distributors throughout the country.  We can easily help you find the wines that you are looking for at prices better than what you can find them for back home.  We can assist you in buying 12 bottles or 1,200 bottles.

Need a special bottle to celebrate an anniversary or birthday?  Looking for that special vintage to do so?  With our contacts we can find just the wine you are looking for and even from those hard to find stellar years.  1964 and 1997 were considered to be the years of the century.  Just because you don’t have any wines from these years, doesn’t mean that you should miss out!  We can easily get bottles for you from even the two greatest vintages of the past century!  Not a problem!


Wine Consultancy

Need something more than just having us assist in buying some wine for you?  Planning on opening an Italian restaurant or starting a wine cellar from scratch and want it to focus on Italian wines?  We are here for you.  We recently designed a 100+ label cellar at a 5 star luxury villa in the Tuscan countryside.